Code of Ethics

ROVAC adopted their Code of Ethics at their Annual Conference in April 2008. This Code of Ethic was first produced by the Election Center in Houston, Texas.

This extraordinary document, happens to be the first known Code of Ethics for any Election & Registration Officials. This historic event took place on a weekend in Kansas City, MO, in April of 1997. The group comprised of the first & second graduating classes of the Election Center. The Election Officials were the first known Election & registration officials who were now certified Election & Registration Administrators. They came from all parts of our nation, small and large jurisdictions, elected and appointed, the common factor was they run elections where their commitments to integrity, their values and their dignity cannot be measured nor recognized.

Doug Lewis, Executive Director of the Election Center said “ that the debate, the passion, the creativeness, the struggle to find the right words and even a few tears that we shared and felt in expressing our individual philosophies and our common values are defiantly reflected in this document.”

Having been one of the lucky ones to have been asked to participate in this project, I came away with a much stronger feeling for my tasks of running Elections. I actually felt as I was a “Gatekeeper to Democracy”.

I brought this to our state association “ROVAC” asking that they endorse this document, which they so did.

Please take a moment and look at the two documents>Standards & Principals. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I did creating them. In adoption of the words you can be guaranteed that you will feel that you have a direct role in the protection and the preservation of freedom, where everyone’s vote counts and counts accurately.

Judith A Beaudreau, CERA
Election Administrator / Registrar of Voters
Town of Vernon, CT